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If you or a loved one has been injured in a dog bite or animal attack in Michigan, you know just how serious and frightening the outcomes can be.  In our state, and across the country, dog bites and animal attacks are among the most frequent types of reported personal injury accidents.  Often times, victims are left with long-term injuries, disability, and extensive emotional damage. To ensure that you are well taken care of after your traumatic attack, it’s best to enlist the legal services of a Michigan dog bite attorney as soon as possible.  The lawyers of Goldman & Associates will stop at nothing to assure that your pain and suffering is diminished by providing you with expert legal aid and the compensation outcome that you deserve.

Dog & Animal Attacks In Michigan

The severity of dog bite or animal attacks on a human can range extremely in severity and harm caused.  Generally, these attacks occur when pets aren’t kept on a proper leash, a gate is left unlocked, or due to the animal being provoked.  At Goldman & Associates law firm, our Michigan dog bite attorney can assist with animal attacks pertaining to the following, including but not limited to:

If a dog or animal has attacked you, the most important first step you can take is to document your injuries by going to a hospital or doctors office as soon as possible to assure your physical safety. After your safety has been secured, it is crucial to contact an expert Michigan dog bite attorney from our law firm who will actively work toward the solutions you want to see.

How To Prevent A Dog Bite

Often times, we see clients that wish they would have known how to take the proper steps necessary to prevent a Michigan dog bite from happening. At Goldman & Associates, we believe in helping our clients understand and put in place different steps that they can take to assure that they never have to go through such a traumatic and difficult event ever again.

In the event that you feel threatened by an animal or to avoid an attack completely, it’s important to follow the steps listed below:

Even though the necessary steps to prevent dog bites should always be taken, they don’t necessarily ensure prevention at all costs. If a dog attacks you, it’s important that you seek the proper medical care immediately.

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How We Can Help

The law firm of Goldman & Associates sees the need to provide Michigan with effective legal counsel in regards to dog bites and animal attacks. For the past 25 years, our lawyers have been working toward successful solutions for thousands of clients in the greater Detroit Area by providing them with effective courtroom litigation, complimentary legal consultation, and cost effective strategies.  Our lawyers understand that you need to be financially compensated for your pain and suffering, and we will stop at nothing until your vision of opulence is met.

Michigan Locations We Assist

At Goldman & Associates law firm, our bite and animal attack attorney understands the severity of your legal matter and that you need to see results and financial compensation in a timely fashion. When you choose our attorneys to represent you, you’ll be receiving the highest quality of legal service possible at all times, no matter where you happen to be located in the state of Michigan. Currently, our attorneys are able to assist residents in the following counties and cities in close proximity to the metro Detroit area, including but not limited to:


No Fee Promise

At Goldman & Associates law firm, our Michigan dog bite attorney aims to provide our clients with accurate and honest legal aid, and that means we’ll never ask you to pay a dime for your legal fees unless we’re able to collect financial compensation on your behalf. Our lawyers understand that you’re going through a difficult time, which is why we always offer our No Fee Promise to every client that we take on to better assist in their physical and emotional recovery.

Speak With A Michigan Dog Bite Attorney Today

If you’re located in the southeast Michigan region and are in need of an experienced Michigan dog bite attorney, it is crucial to contact a lawyer from our firm as soon as possible.  Every Michigan dog bite attorney at Goldman & Associates can provide you with extensive legal aid for your animal attack case. To ensure that your rights and the rights of your loved ones are protected throughout the process, it is always best to speak with a Michigan dog bite attorney sooner rather than later, as your rights run a greater risk of becoming jeopardized.

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