Michigan Dog Bite FAQ’s

When you’re injured in aMichigandog bite or animal attack, it’s common to feel uneasy about what the next steps in your case are. Often times, our client’s come to us with questions and concerns that may be similar to the following, including but not limited to:


Question: What is the definition of a dog bite or animal attack?

Answer: In Michigan, a dog bite can be classified as any type of injury sustained by a person that is caught between the upper and lower jaws of a canine. Contrary to popular belief, visible blood or puncture wounds is not essential.


Question: How long do I have to file a complaint and lawsuit?

Answer: At Goldman & Associates law firm, our lawyers urge anyone bitten or injured in a dog attack to contact a legal professional as soon as possible after receiving proper medical attention. The longer you wait to seek help for your case could result in negative effects, such as no settlement or financial compensation for you or your loved ones.


Question: What do I do if my dog bites or injures someone?

Answer: If you are the owner of a dog that bites or injures another individual, it’s important to act immediately and take responsibility for your animal by doing the following:


Question: What should I do if a loved one or myself has been bitten by a dog?

Answer: If an animal bites you, the first and most important thing that you can do is to seek medical attention immediately following the bite. This will assure that your injuries are taken care of and you’ll receive the proper documentation to present to a judge in a court of law as evidence. Following your release from a medical professional, it’s in your best interest to contact an experiencedMichigandog bite attorney to better understand all that your case entails.


Question: If a dog bites me while I am working, am I entitled to workers compensation for my injuries?

Answer: Most likely, yes. If you’re bitten while on the job and completing a task required by your place of employment, you’ll be able to file a workers compensation claim.


Question: Which types of dogs are most likely to bite or injure a human?

Answer: According to the Center for Disease Control, the following types of breeds are considered high-risk animals, including all of the following:

Because the list reflects animals that are at a higher risk to attack a human than other breeds, this doesn’t mean that other types of breeds will not attack. There are many factors that go into what kind of a dog will bite, including how or if they were trained, if they are supervised, and whether or not they follow the leash laws.

If you’ve been injured by a dog bite and have yet to seek legal counsel for your case, it’s crucial for you to contact the Michigan dog bite attorneys of Goldman & Associates right now to speak with our team of legal professionals. We’ll work together to produce the outcomes and financial compensation that you deserve for your personal injury case.

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