Dog Bite Laws In Michigan

Whenever you or a loved one is injured in a Michigan dog bite attack, our lawyers understand the difficulties that come with trying to figure out what your next move is. Most often, our clients come to us without knowing exactly what the law entails regarding Michigan dog bites. Listed below are brief overviews that may better help you understand the laws that surround dog bite and animal attacks in Michigan.

The state of Michigan is considered a “strict liability” state, meaning that the owner of the dog in question is responsible for any damage caused by the animal during an attack.

In Michigan, the Dog Bite Status, MCL 287.351 states the following:

“If a dog bites a person, without provocation while the person is on public property, or lawfully on private property, including the property of the owner of the dog, the owner of the dog shall be liable for any damages suffered by the person bitten, regardless of the former viciousness of the dog or the owner’s knowledge of such viciousness.”

Necessary Proof For Dog Bites & Attacks

If you or a loved one is ever injured in a Michigan dog bite attack, the most critical piece of evidence for your case will be medical records and photographs of the sustained injury.

It must also be proved that the owner of the dog in question is actually the owner. This can sometimes be difficult to prove, but can be done with licensing records and records of vaccinations for the pet.

In short, if you can prove that you were bit by a dog through photographs and medical records and that a bite actually occurred, that is grounds to file a lawsuit. At Goldman & Associates law firm, our lawyers will stand by your side to fight for your every right and assure you that we’ll do all we can to bring you the justice and settlement that you deserve.

Determining Financial Compensation & Settlement Amounts

Whenever the need arises to seek legal help after a dog bite occurs, clients often wonder what amount, if any, they could be receiving for their injuries (emotional and physical) incurred.  At Goldman & Associates law firm, our every Michigan dog bite attorney urges you to contact us today for a free legal consultation in order to better understand the severity of your case.

After our lawyers have the chance to review your case with you, we’ll be able to give you an estimate of what we believe to be an accurate and honest settlement amount, which will be determined in part by the amount of evidence against the dog and owner.  We’ll also be able to discuss with you the best course of action and determine what should come next for your Michigan dog bite case.

Contact A Michigan Dog Bite Attorney Today

If you’ve been the victim of a Michigan dog bite and have yet to seek legal help for your case, it’s important to contact our law firm as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are protected. Remember, if you don’t seek legal help in a timely fashion, your credibility and the outcomes of your case could be jeopardized, leaving you to not acquire the financial compensation you’d been hoping for.

If you’d like to speak with a professional Michigan dog bite attorney today about your options and what we can do to better your case, contact Goldman & Associates law firm right now to schedule your free legal consultation.

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